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Clients & Testimonials

Clients & Testimonials

Fidelis Diagnostics


SYNERGEN Health has proven in their years with us to be able to identify our business challenges and provide us with innovative solutions that enabled us to maximize revenue.

Institute for Myeloma & Bone Cancer Research

Geoffery Gee COO - Institute for Myeloma & Bone Cancer Research

We thought we were doing well with our first time payment rate but SYNERGEN Health improved our first-time payment rate to 93%, plus our 90+ A/R is dropping and current AR is down to 28 days.

Our Clients

Melony Winchester Director of Business & Communication | Northland Hearing Centers, Inc | All American Hearing

Our company utilizes SYNERGEN Health for a variety of services including, but not limited to, Verification of Benefits, Electronic Filing, ERA and EFT setup, Appeals and other projects. We have found them to be attentive to our needs and always willing to offer more help. We consider them a partner in our insurance billing endeavors. I would recommend SYNERGEN Health to organizations large and small as a good solution for billing services.

CityDoc Urgent Care Centers Dallas, Fort Worth, Mansfield  Texas

Brenna J. Nance, MD Managing Partner - CityDoc Urgent Care Centers Dallas, Fort Worth, Mansfield Texas

Anyone in the medical field can tell you how exhausting and frustrating it can be to get reimbursed for the work that is done. SYNERGEN Health has helped CityDoc recapture the joy of practicing medicine by taking on and conquering the challenge of medical coding, billing and collections for CityDoc. Our urgent care centers benefit from SYNERGEN Health’s streamlined processes, analytics platform, and expert advice. We look forward to a long partnership.

Insight Practice Partners

Gene W. Howell CEO & Co-Founder - Insight Practice Partners

The dashboard has become a game changer for us. Every time we introduce the dashboard to our clients we get the same reaction… “WOW”
The system has paid for itself many times over… and continues to do so. What would take hours now can be done in minutes so we no longer spend valuable time creating endless reports for clients. The ability to get and analyze financials on demand has allowed clients to be able to spend more time using the information to increase their revenue. Since all information is easily accessed, the financials and billing department is no longer a mystery. As a result, management can now have a more involved role with collection actions to be taken and watch every aspect of their clinics financials without relying on staff reporting to them.
All this and an amazing team of professionals at SYNERGEN. It doesn’t get better than this!

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about synergen

About Synergen

SYNERGEN Health is a trusted partner that helps healthcare organizations ensure financial success. Founded in 2011 by a group of professionals with a deep understanding of the dynamics within the complex healthcare landscape, the company specializes in transforming financial processes for providers and payers by implementing best practices from within and outside the healthcare industry.

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Our Solutions For the HealthCare sector

Revenue Cycle Transformation

REVENUE CYCLE Transformation





If you are a large or specialized physician practice, specialty provider or small to medium sized hospital, we know that you are challenged every day to keep up with your reimbursements. It may be the lack of proper technology, lack of resources or inefficient processes that is keeping your organization from being financially stable. That is why we created SYNERGEN Health. For us, improving our client revenues and bottom line is our passion. Our team is relentless and is dedicated to making you successful. Let us analyze your practice and show you how we can help.

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