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SYNERGEN Health; Credentialing, Contracting and payer management services.

What does provider enrollment done right look like to you? If the answer to that question isn’t a satisfactory one, talk to us!

For physician and organization reimbursement, it’s critical to have a designated, well managed credentialing and re-credentialing service. And that is what you get with our team.

The state of the art, web-based credentialing software hosted in our HIPAA compliant global delivery center to promptly and accurately complete the credentialing applications required to become enrolled, re-enrolled or change any group or individual information.

Provider enrollment is an inevitable process that comes with running a healthcare business such as a physician practice, clinical laboratory, or urgent care center. Because cash flow and steady patient referrals are the backbone of any successful practice; it is essential to you as a healthcare professional to become a part of steady network with commercial and government insurance companies. Avoid common mistakes and let us ensure your credentialing application and provider enrollment process moves along efficiently and timely.

Here's why...

  • We understand fee schedules and what to expect from government and commercial payers.
  • We contract the payers that matter most. All agreements are reviewed and negotiated prior to signing.
  • We use KPI's to measure performance and quality. i e: application processing time, enrollment denial percentage, total days in enrollment and days in signature stage.
  • We are methodology driven, designed to provide our clients with the utmost visibility:

Our KPI's cover these vital metrics for you.

We utilize the best technology to employ the enrollment process to make it more streamlined and efficient process, and are constantly evolving with the current trends of technological advancement.

SYNERGEN HEALTH - A trusted partner that helps healthcare organizations ensure financial success; Our tailor-made payer management and credentialing services help you stay profitable and competitive, save time and collect what is yours.

We specialize in

  • Payer Enrollment & Credentialing
  • Insurance Contract Negotiations & Management
  • Government payer management
  • Commercial payer management
  • Workers Comp management
  • Licensure tracking
  • Educational tracking
  • CAQH

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