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"As an Oncology practice, it refreshing to work with a company that understood our specific business challenges and provided us with innovative solutions that enabled us to maximize revenue"


SYNERGEN Solutions was formed with a mission to transform the United States healthcare industry with breakthrough products. We deliver solutions to healthcare consumers and enterprise clients using latest technology, an agile approach that drives collaboration, innovation and excellence.

SYNERGEN Solutions enables the U.S. healthcare consumers to maximize revenue through innovative and efficient technology. Our diverse and expert solutions accelerate cash flow and help our partners realize their organization’s full revenue potential.

We believe in an open, transparent and a friendly environment which encourages our team to express opinions, stay creative and be passionate. We have brought together a strong and unique combination of industry experts from around the world. At SYNERGEN Solutions, “Innovation is the way forward” is more than a slogan; it reflects our approach to the U.S. Healthcare industry.

Our software solutions address every problem in the revenue cycle management process through process automations, big data analytics, health IT integrations, machine learning and software products. We believe innovation is the only answer to the constantly changing U.S. Healthcare industry.

Re-define patient collections with SYNERGEN Pay!

With the shift to a more consumer centric service model, U.S. Healthcare industry has witnessed a massive increase in HDHP (High deductible Health plans) with a 193% increase in patient payments to providers (2011-2014). Make patient collections an integral part of your practice workflow with SYNERGEN Pay.

SYNERGEN Pay is a secure, convenient online portal that streamlines your patient collection process and enables collections throughout the patient collections workflow, right from pre-visit scheduling to Post-visit follow up. Offer your patients the flexibility to pay from multiple payment channels and enable your staff to estimate patient responsibility and accept payments at any time, from anywhere.


  • Front office collections
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Attractive statements
  • Card on file
  • Automated payment plans
  • Patient Responsibility estimator
  • Insurance eligibility checks
  • Patient payment portal
  • E-statements
  • Secured patient communications
  • Patient financing
  • HIPAA and PCI compliant

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